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Top quality male buffalos from other states, reared under farm condition

Handpicked Calves

Our calves are personally handpicked by a team of expert professionals from the farmers directly and cattle markets in the neighbouring states

Premium Upkeep

Our livestock are reared as per expert guidance of government agricultural and veterinary institutions.

Wide Product Range

Our plans include not just livestock, but also dairy, compost, fodder and other by-products

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First-of-its-kind livestock and farm by-product supplier in Kerala

Buffaloes are known to be highly valuable for the purpose of milk, meat and work efficiency.

In India, a greater part of rich quality milk production comes from the buffaloes. With regard to the work efficiency, buffaloes are considered next to bull with cheaper and economical rearing. In front of beef (bovine meat) export, India holds top rank in the world. Domestic consumption of beef (bovine meat) is also high in North-eastern region, Bengal and Kerala.

If we look at Kerala market alone, as per a survey report, per day consumption of bovine meat in Kerala is 1500 tonnes. However, the quality of meat in the domestic market is nowhere close to the export quality.

BuffaloMart, a first of its kind in the state, buys buffalo male calves from the non-beef consuming states with an aim to salvage and rear them economically for meat purpose.

As a general perception and practice, livestock farmers do not consider rearing male calves to be remunerative. About eight million male buffalo calves are removed from buffalo production system in the country due to killing by the farmers with view to save mother’s milk and other feed resources.

We buy those high breed calves from the farmers from near-by cattle markets and salvage them for meat purpose.


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UP, Rajasthan, Haryana
Though the home for this breed is mainly Punjab and Haryana. Murrah breed is available in U.P., Rajasthan and neighbouring states as well. Rohtak in Haryana is a well-known market from where thousands of high yielders are being exported.
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Gir Forest, Kathiawar
Jaffarbadi found in the Gir forest of Kathiawar. Their noticeable feature is thier prominent forehead and heavy horns. Animals of this breed are generally black in colour. Jaffarbadi buffalos are high milk yielders varying from 15 to 18 kg per day
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Gujarat, Maharashtra
Mehsana breed found in Mehsana district of Gujarat and adjourning Maharashtra state. The head is longer and heavier. Mehsana is a dairy breed evolved out of a crossbreeding between Surti and Murrah.
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Krishna Dist, Andhra Pradesh
The home tract of Godavari buffalo is at Godavari and Krishna delta area of Andhra Pradesh. The female buffalo are reputed for high fat and daily milk yield of 5-8 liters. Godavari breed is actually a result of crossing of native buffalos with Murrah Bulls.

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