About us

May 11, 2016

BuffaloMart, is not just another livestock farm but it is the first of its kind in Kerala.

A well researched project was born when few like-minded people joined hands together. BuffaloMart is a livestock farm that handpicks quality breed male buffalo calves from other states, rare them under farm condition and supply locally.

The market research started right from the inception of the idea and thus a WhatsApp group called BuffaloMart was started. Discussions and information of research material was shared between the members from different states right from down south, west and to northern parts of India.

We travelled length and breadth of the country to get the first-hand information of livestock farming. With the purchase of 42 male calves of different age group, the farm was established in the year 2014 at Chelakara, Kerala.

The handpicked buffalo calves are rear and taken care by our qualified team who are experienced in farming. Regular medical assistance is being provided to the bovine animals by a private veterinary doctor to avoid the spread of any common diseases and infections.

BuffaloMart is here to supply quality livestock in the market, because we believe a beef steak should remain as steak till it reaches your plate!!

Started with livestock, BuffaloMart will be venturing into other farm by products, which will be organic in nature.

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